Thursday, September 7, 2023

Show Notes and Video Playlist: Episode 11-11: 227, "The Butler Did It"

*We are back in Season 11 with new episodes! Our most interactive season yet continues, and thanks to our great listeners Friend of the Show Kevin for suggesting we take a look at 227!

*Click below for our playlist for this episode, featuring promos, commercials, awards, PSAs, and more!

*And remember, you can always check out our official YouTube page for all of our past podcasts and episode-specific playlists for each one!

*In case you're wondering, Mr. Belvedere is something we would consider covering someday. Seeing it show up on, say, Hulu, would surely bump it up on the list!

*The Touchdown Club is still around in the D.C. area, though this new incarnation is a successor, not a continuation, to the one I mention.

*The Lou Albano episode is season 1's "We the People," in which he plays Gus, an old colleague and mentor of Lester who becomes the apartment manager.

*227 premiered September 1985, while Amen debuted a year later for the 1986 Fall season. It ran 5 seasons, 1985-1990, and 116 episodes. It was a solid performer its first few seasons before fading a bit at the end.

*I STILL can't find that Danny Dark promo for 227.

*Failed pilot Jackee aired May 11, 1989 and, according to IMDB, has appeared as part of the 227 syndication package. You can see it right here or in our playlist for this episode.

*"The Butler Did It" first aired March 12, 1988 on NBC, as the 21st episode of the third season.

*Franklin Cover was born in 1928 and had an extensive stage background. In addition to his major role on The Jeffersons, he was in films like The Stepford Wives and Wall Street and guested on shows like In the Heat of the Night and Who's the Boss.

*Alfonso Arau is in only two episodes of the show, but he also stars in Three Amigos and other films in addition to being an acclaimed director.

*Mr. Bentley, mentioned by Mike, is of course the eccentric neighbor played by Paul Benedict on The Jeffersons.

*Billy Dee Williams appears in two episodes of the show...but is mentioned in many others!

*We hope you enjoyed this episode, but if not, "Yo, just chill in, dawg!"

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