Saturday, September 23, 2023

Top Ten #266 REDUX?

NOTE: This list did publish last Sunday, but I entered the incorrect publishing date, so many may have missed it in the feed. We will have a new list tomorrow as usual. Thank you!

1) Starsky and Hutch: We talk about the show on this week's podcast, and we like it! Let's hear it for good, old-fashioned TV violence!

2) Captain Dobey: Due to the nature of the episode we discussed, we didn't talk as much about Dobey as I might have liked, AND I AM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF IT!

3) The Love Boat 1983 ABC Fall Preview: 40 years ago tonight, the network promoted its new season with the cast of the Boat in character, and all I can say is, why, oh, why is the whole special not on YouTube?

4) Miss America 1984: The annual pageant was held 40 years ago tonight, and Vanessa Williams was named Miss America 1984. She went on to have a long and happy reign, and she--Oops.

5) The Brady Bunch: Big week for the iconic sitcom, with Barry Williams announced as a contestant on the upcoming Dancing with the Stars season and the show's famous house selling for--Well, let's just say the new owner won't have to complain about the price of Sam's meats.

6) Monday Night Football: 50 years ago tonight, the program's third season kicked off with a Jets/Packers match-up, but there was considerably less drama than there was last Monday!

7) The Fugitive: Another TV milestone happened 60 years ago tonight. Yes, just a little outside our timeframe, but I want to mark the anniversary of the premiere of one of the finest dramas ever.

8) National Hispanic Heritage Month: It's kind of cool that it's not a calendar month but goes from mid September through mid October. Hey, I just got an email from Tubi saying it was celebrating the event with...No, not Chico and the Man. Chasing Papi. Oh, well.

9) 60 Minutes: The show begins its 56th season (!) tonight. 56! Wow! At this rate, they might catch The Simpsons someday.

10) John Ritter: The star would have been 75 years old today. It's amazing that he died 20 years ago.

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