Sunday, November 5, 2023

Top Ten #273: Special "What time is it again?" Edition

1) Halloween and Dia de los Muertos: Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays this week. If you're still a little scared, don't worry. We're all here for you. Here is one more scary clip, though:

2) Bonus Hour: Here at BOTNS headquarters, we plan to enjoy the extra hour gained from turning the clock back (Daylight Savings Time, you know) by watching TV! What a noble effort. Join us in our Facebook group and share what you want to see with the bonus hour today.

3) Texas Rangers: Congratulations to the World Series winners! When I was growing up, the franchise often seemed to be just kind of there. I liked seeing them get their first title.

THIS is actually pretty cool, though:

4) Willie Nelson: Speaking of Texas, congratulations to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, including 90-year-old Nelson--not exactly a video star in the Eighties, but a big presence nonetheless.

5) The Streets of San Francisco: We've had some nice chatter about this series on our Facebook group, and the show's first couple seasons are now on Pluto on demand. The Michael Douglas/Karl Malden cop series deserves more attention.

Note that also on Pluto now: Barnaby Jones, Roc, Mama's Family, Mannix, Gomer Pyle.

6) The Carroll O'Connor Special: CBS aired this 50 years ago tonight. Hey, when you get to be the star on the #1 show, you get to do specials! In this one, various segments look at the most important women in a man's life: his mother, his wife, and the host of Romper Room. Nancy Walker and Joan Blondell were among the guests.

7) National Donut Day: Not many foods give more instant pleasure than the humble donut.

8) Exo-Man: Guess what TV movie aired on WPIX-11 in New York 40 years ago today! That's right, Sole Survivor with William Shatner and Vince Edwards! But in the afternoon, the channel showed BOTNS fave Exo-Man, proving that the movie's legacy lived on long after its debut in 1977!

9) BBC programs on Roku Channel: Roku makes it difficult to see what's new on its channel, but it has added a slew of old BBC shows lately, including a lot of costume and period dramas. Onedin Line, anyone?

10) R.I.P. Matthew Perry, Peter S. Fischer, Shannon Wilcox:

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