Sunday, November 12, 2023

Top Ten #274: Happy Veterans Day Weekend!

1) Batty Awards: The Top Ten is late this week because we had to spend so much time compiling the early results! Vote now for the two listener-decided awards, either right here on this page or in our Facebook group! Batty season is here, folks!

2) Veterans Day: Happy Veterans Day weekend to all, and special thanks to those who have served. Here is a guy who did:

3) Eischeid, Streets of San Francisco, 9 to 5, Cagney and Lacey, Designing Women: These are some of the shows we watched for the "bonus hour" last weekend and brought up in our Facebook group! All I know is I, for one, want MORE Eischeid!

4) Gunsmoke: 50 years ago tonight, in part 2 of "A Game of Act of Love," the show welcomed guest Michael Learned...or was it Michael Lerner?

(Great episode title, by the way!)

5) Cabbage Patch Kids: This is one of the new inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame. It would be appropriate if dozens of people trampled each other on the way to the stage to try to get the award.

6) Melanie Gaffin: Happy 50th to the former Whiz Kids star!

7) The Tonight Show: Also airing 50 years ago tonight, the late-night program had guests Bob Hope and Jo Ann Worley. And who could wrangle those two as guest host? That's right, guest host Karen Valentine.

8) Kathy Garver: Greg Ehrbar's new Hanna-Barbera podcast featured Garver last week, and she mentioned BOTNS fave Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends along with a lot more.

9) Alan Alda: This is a cool story from Ankler about how Alan Alda put up his dog tags from MASH for auction and the author tracked down their original owners.

10) R.I.P. Robert Butler: What a career the man had. He directed pilots for Batman, Star Trek, and Moonlighting, plus features like The Barefoot Executive. He was co-creator of Remington Steele.

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