Sunday, November 19, 2023

Top Ten #275: It's a holiday week!

1) Batty chatter: We apologize for this list being up so late, but the Top Ten Committee was assisting the Batty Committee tabulate the votes for the upcoming Season 11 Batty Awards!

2) Thanksgiving and Black Friday: Get ready, folks, for food, football, and...uh, fairly annoying shopping?

3) Doctor Who: A ton (all?) Classic Doctor Who episodes are now on Tubi, free with ads. They remain on Britbox, which is one reason Britbox rules. It doesn't shed programming very often.

4) World Toilet Day:

5) B.C.'s First Thanksgiving: There aren't enough animated Thanksgiving specials out there. This one, based on Johnny Hart's long-running comic strip, premiered on NBC 50 years ago tonight.

6) Ted Turner: Happy 85th birthday to the mogul, who is in ill heath these days. He is a controversial figure, but how can you not appreciate the man who gave us Bill Tush?

7) Columbo: The excellent Retroist podcast devoted an episode to the classic show last week. He doesn't know what happened to the commentaries on the upcoming Blu-Ray set, either.

8) Family Ties: Rewind TV will broadcast a marathon of the series on Thursday, which is apt because, of course, Thanksgiving is all about the ties that people wear when they get dressed to go and hang out with whoever they end up hanging out with on that day.

9) Sideline reporters: The recent controversy involving Charissa Thompson is interesting, but coaches not wanting to give access is not a modern phenomenon:

10) R.I.P. Stephen Kandel: The writer was story editor on the original MacGyver.

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