Sunday, November 26, 2023

Top Ten #276: Special Post-Thanksgiving edition!

1) Ed McMahon: Yes, Thankgiving is behind us, but we must pay tribute yet again to the King of Thanksgiving, who kicks off the holiday each year in this (and I am sure many others out there) household:

2) 80 is the new 40?: First, Cher closes (Well, except for Santa) the Macy's parade with a simulation of a singing performance, and then the Cowboys/Commanders NFL game presents a halftime show with Dolly Parton!

3) Black Friday: DVD deals are still out there in 2023. I got a compete series set of a show I never loved but have been meaning to examine (I will keep it a secret for now because we might do it on the pod next season).

4) National Save-a-Life Test: This syndicated program aired 40 years ago this weekend. It was hosted by two experienced pros: Bernie Kopell and Michael Learned. Or was it Michael Lerner? The program taught viewers what to do in emergencies. Hey, I need to know this stuff! Why isn't this on YouTube?

5) Rich Little: Happy 85th birthday! I suppose it's getting easier to do that George Burns impression.

6) Military Family Month: You have one more week to celebrate the military families of the USA! But you have forever to enjoy Major Dad.

7) Urkel Saves Santa: Remember how the Warners regime canned a bunch or projects and took tax writeoffs rather than releasing them? Well, this animated movie was on the list but came out as a digital purchase opportunity this week because Urkel is indestructible.

8) My Father Gave Me America: 50 years ago tonight, a syndicated special featuring Kirk Douglas, Greer Garson, and others paid tribute to immigration's role in the building of the country. 

9) The Brady Bunch: Catchy Comedy runs a marathon of the show all weekend. Of course, the show was one of the first to present a historically accurate depiction of Thanksgiving:

10) Bob Barker: Pluto celebrates the late icon's 100th birthday this week with newly unearthed 1972 episodes beginning tomorrow.

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