Wednesday, February 28, 2024

RetroFan is still bringing it!

It's been a while since I shared my enthusiastic praise (without compensation and with all sincerity) for TwoMorrows' RetroFan magazine, so let me check in with a few words about the current March 2024 issue.

Cover girl Elizabeth Montgomery headlines this #31, with a big story by biographer and noted classic TV author Herbie J. Pilato. He shares the story of his own personal relationship with the actress and also provides an overview of her career that includes her later appearances in many TV movies.

Mark Voger is one of my favorite regular contributors, and in this issue he discusses the history of Howdy Doody, and he does cover the lesser-known revival from 1976.

Now, here is what really blows me away: Andy Mangels' "Retro Saturday Morning" department focuses on two of the live-action efforts of D'Angelo-Bullock-Allen Productions. One is a show I have always wanted to see, the body-switching comedy Big John, Little John with Robbie Rist and the great Herb Edelman. The Region 2 DVD is probably all we are ever gonna get unless some kind soul uploads more episodes than the few already online.

The other is one one of the most obscure programs we have devoted a podcast episode to: Run, Joe, Run! Hey, I appreciate a Bewitched article even if it isn't one of my personal favorites, but I get a warm feeling inside when my favorite magazine digs deeper for something like this 1974-1976 program. Click here for our take on the work of Heinrich of Midvale, but do read Mangels' great feature.

Elsewhere, Scott Shaw! explores the history of Alvin and the Chipmunks, focusing on the Sixties' iteration of the cartoon. In it he asks a vital question: Where the heck is THAT show on DVD? It received a few minimal releases, but we want more!

I enjoyed the look at Peter Gunn and the "Retro Toys" focus on girder and panel building sets. There's even more than that, like a profile of Time After Time, which at first seemed like a departure for the magazine but fit in quite well.

The magazine never disappoints, and I recommend it as much as ever even if I don't always talk about it here!

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