Friday, January 20, 2017

CHiPS Movie Update

We mentioned after our CHiPs episode that Dax Shephard had a feature film version in production at Warner Brothers. Well, it's really happening, and the trailer is here:

To summarize, here is some of what the trailer contains:

*Jokes about erections
*Dax Shepherd's flesh
*A Tupac song
*Attempted yuks

Here is what the trailer does NOT contain:

*Actual yuks
*Roller disco
*Robert Pine
*The series theme song

I think my mind is already made up, but let's ask Erik Estrada. Actually, let's not. His official Twitter account retweeted someone calling the new movie pure trash, and The Wrap ran an "article" (this post is more substantial) essentially quoting that tweet and claiming Estrada himself called the movie trash.

Then Estrada called The Wrap's "article" fake news and said he hadn't seen the movie yet. Well, neither have I, but the lack of roller disco alone could make a reasonable person conclude the film is trash.

Head to your local theater March 24 and judge for yourself...or spend a few extra bucks and get one of the DVD sets of the original series.

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