Friday, January 27, 2017

Show Notes: Complete list of nominees and winners from the Season-ending Awards Extravaganza!

Since we explained our choices on the show and since we covered much of the material during the season, I think this is a good opportunity to just list the nominees and winners. SPOILER ALERT: If you want to be surprised, please listen to the latest episode before reading!

Outstanding Youth Performance:

Beany Williams, The White Shadow
Kim Fields, The Facts of Life
PJ, The Family Circus Christmas Special
Brandon Cruz, The Incredible Hulk

Batty Winner: Kim Fields

Outstanding Theme Song:

(All series we covered in season 1 eligible for this award)

Batty Winner: Theme from CHiPS


Outstanding Non-human Performance:

The Death Probe, The Six Million Dollar Man
Granddad's ghost, The Family Circus Christmas Special
The Zucchini Brothers, The Muppet Show

Batty Winner: The Death Probe

Outstanding Song:

"Give In" by Jimmy, CHiPs
"In America" by Cast of Happy Days
Seagram's jingle by Bruce "Bruno" Willis
"Let It Be Lowenbrau" by Arthur Prysock

Batty Winner: "Let It Be Lowenbrau"

Outstanding Female Performance:

Charlotte Rae, The Facts of Life
The woman accused of being Amelia Earhart, In Search Of
Baroness, G.I. Joe
Jane Morrow as Irina, The Six Million Dollar Man

Batty Winner: Charlotte Rae


Outstanding Male Performance:

Tom Hanks as Uncle Ned, Family Ties
Robert Pine as Dolan, Lowenbrau
Bill Bixby, The Incredible Hulk
Ken Howard as Coach Reeves, The White Shadow

Batty Winner: Robert Pine

Outstanding Facial Hair/Mustache:

Shipwreck, G.I. Joe
Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man
Jim Brown, ChiPs
Hector Ramirez, G.I. Joe

Batty Winner: Steve Austin

Outstanding Performance as Oneself:

Leonard Nimoy, In Search Of
Ed McMahon, CHiPs
Steve Martin, The Muppet Show
Jermaine Jackson, The Facts of Life

Batty Winner: Ed McMahon

Outstanding Individual TV Episode:

(All episodes we covered are eligible for this award)

Batty Winner: CHiPs, "Roller Disco"

Outstanding Overall Series:

(All episodes we covered are eligible for this award)

Batty Winner: The Incredible Hulk

Congratulations to all the winners!

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