Monday, January 30, 2017

Batty Awards Aftermath: More Winners and Losers

On one hand, the winners and losers are obvious--just look at the list of nominees and award recipients. But who are some of the less obvious winners and losers of the first Batty Awards? We asked some veteran show business awards experts, industry insiders, and a guy ahead of us in the checkout line to dig a little deeper.

WINNER: The Facts of Life  Many observers were stunned that the oft-derided sitcom did so well, earning discussion in the theme song category and sweeping the female acting awards. When asked for comment, Charlotte Rae twinkled her eye, twitched her nose, grunted, and said, "You ain't seen nothing yet," in a charming lilt.

LOSER: Happy Days One of the most popular BOTNS episodes was shut out on Batty night and didn't even make a dent in the nominations. Has talking about Happy Days jumped the shark?

WINNER: Batty Awards sponsors Early numbers indicate a spike in listenership, which should make sponsors like Mortimer's Moustache Combs very happy. Word has it a similar show is a virtual lock for the end of season 2, though producers may make minor changes (The controversial "pogo stick timer" is said to be far from certain to return).

LOSER: Muppets and puppets ALF barely registered on the show, and pre-show favorites the Zucchini Brothers were upset in the non-human performance category. We won't dignify the theory that the woman accused of being Amelia Earhart in our In Search Of episode was a puppet for the United States government (or possibly of a foreign power), but she lost, too. Perhaps the big takeaway is that Batty voters like real, palpably human performances. Unless they have cool nicknames like "Death Probe."

WINNER: John Parker As it turns out, not only did the man create the Batty-winning theme from CHiPs, but he was responsible for tunes for MASH, Dallas, and the Tom Selleck/Robert Urich TV movie Bunco. It's nice that the Batties have finally given him some recognition. Also: There was a Tom Selleck/Robert Urich TV movie called Bunco?

LOSER: Musicianship in general It suffered a big hit from Rick's disastrous attempt to imitate Bruce Willis' rendition of "Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers" during the podcast.

WINNER: Bono Tom Hanks' loss in the male performance category deprived him of an acceptance speech and a chance to increase his lead over the U2 frontman in their longstanding career ceremony oratory competition.

LOSER: Billy Crystal The BOTNS staff refuses to confirm the rumor that the funnyman and veteran awards show performer's opening song-and-dance number was cut at the last minute, but at least one source insists Crystal was set to do a montage of moments from season 1, culminating in a witty plea to cover Soap in season 2.

WINNER: Everyone  If only for receiving more exposure to Robert Pine's iconic performance as Dolan, we are all winners.

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