Thursday, February 9, 2017

BOTNS celebrates National Pizza Day! Part 1: You take the good, the bad, you take an XL with pepperoni

Shouldn't every day be National Pizza Day? Let's celebrate this occasion with a look at some of our Battle of the Network Shows superstars enjoying pizza. In Season 4, episode 23, the girls on The Facts of Life (a series we discussed in this episode of the podcast) are studying hard when Mrs. G gives them some sustenance.

What's  the only thing more alluring than Mrs. G? How about Mrs. G with a fresh pizza in her arms?

Natalie knows how to take care of a pizza:

No better way to enjoy a study break than with some pizza:

Enjoy National Pizza Day, everyone!

(H/T to Cousin Geri: A Facts of Life Appreciation Blog, which I consulted to learn in which episode this scene occurs)

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