Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The return of Actors and Other People for Animals

I was reading Peter Marshall's Hollywood Squares memoir, Backstage with the Original Hollywood Squares, when lo and behold, I found an indirect reference to "Roller Disco," the CHiPs  episode that won Best Episode in our Batty Awards (and that we originally covered here).

A Squares producer had a litter of puppies on his hands, and, unable to unload them, brought them to a taping of the show hoping to find someone to adopt them. Marshall got the idea to head out before the show for the warm-up with a basket full of the little dogs, and soon kids in the audience "were clamoring to take those poor pups home." So they actually gave the puppies out "and never heard from them again." Marshall, perhaps convincing himself, writes that he is sure everything turned out OK.


I didn't get out of this escapade unscathed, by the way. Earl Holliman, a very active member of Actors and Other People for Animals, was on the show that night, and he issued me a stern warning never to do something like that again. He was rightfully concerned about what kind of homes the dogs would end up in.

Marshall goes on to say that afterwards, the show started a program with AOPA to find parents for homeless dogs. So I guess everything did turn out for the best.

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It's good to know that Earl Holliman wasn't just about the Roller Disco!

Go on with your bad self, Peter Marshall

Watch out, Earl Holliman!

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