Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Batty Awards Aftermath: Examining the Batty "snubs"

Even before last week's Batty Awards began, controversy filled the air as speculation centered on the so-called "snubs"--that is, those not fortunate enough to receive even a nomination. Let's examine some of the notables who were shut out of Batty contention and some possible explanations.

SNUBBED:  Jeffy, The Family Circus Christmas Special Arguably the star of the entire show, young Jeffy Keane didn't even make the outstanding youth category. Some believe the presence of several talented children, including eventual nominee PJ, split the vote and locked jiffy out. When reached for a comment, sister/co-star Dolly smirked.

SNUBBED: Henry Winkler as The Fonz, Happy Days It seems one of the most iconic performers of the BOTNS era would be a lead-pipe cinch for at least a nomination as outstanding male performer, but it was not to be. One wag speculates the popular Winkler was done in by the episode that was considered. "Did you actually watch "American Musical?" Winkler looked like he was embarrassed to be there." Many believe an episode from the series' prime, or at least one that didn't totally suck, would have helped Winkler's cause.

SNUBBED: Fred Williamson's mustache, CHiPs Why did Jim Brown's mustache earn a Batty nomination but not his partner in crime's? Suspicion has it that nominators were unduly influenced by each man's football career, but the word from a BOTNS insider is that it was purely a mustache-related (and episode-related) decision, though his role in The Dirty Dozen "certainly didn't hurt."

SNUBBED: The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold This Rankin-Bass holiday special was totally shut out of all award categories, leading some to speculate an anti-Irish bias of some sort despite the fact that both BOTNS hosts claimed at least some degree of Irish heritage during the discussion on the podcast. "Nonsense," retorts an individual with knowledge of the nominating process. "It's more likely that they forgot the special. I mean, they had problems remembering plot details the day after they watched it."

SNUBBED: Sharon Stone, Seagram's ad There was some controversy during the awards ceremony concerning the eligibility of the Seagram's spots, but given Bruce Willis' near win for best song, it's a bit surprising that Stone couldn't break into the relatively weak Outstanding Female Performance category. The actress pulled off a feat perhaps more impressive even than anything done by Batty winner Charlotte Rae: She played a woman somehow able to, even on a temporary basis, resist Bruce Willis' charms.

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