Sunday, April 21, 2019

BOTNS Top 10 #12

Happy Easter, everyone! The holiday has a big impact on our rankings this week...

1) A Family Circus Easter: An alternate universe has The Keanes as the masters of the holiday special, not Charlie Brown and friends, and nothing against the Peanuts specials I love so much, but...I want to live in that universe.

2) Fred Astaire: He absolutely KILLED IT in his Rankin-Bass 1977 Easter special. Ginger Rogers may have done all the dancing backwards and in heels, but she never did anything that rocked like this:

3) The Easter Beagle: OK, I still feel guilty about that Peanuts slight at #1. By the way, the clip embedded below does have an Easter Beagle promo, but don't you hope all the kids stuck around for Lou Grant?

4) Norman Lear: Jimmy Kimmel has coordinated a live star-studded recreation of All in the Family and The Jeffersons, which is either genius or a terrible idea, but I know I want to see it. But if the man is so powerful and beloved (Lear, not Kimmel), why isn't it easier to see his shows on streaming?

5) Georgia Engel: R.I.P. to the late actress, who died this week at 70. Who knew she was so young when she was on The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

6) Sesame Street: Announced a big summer tour and was recognized by the Peabody Awards. Deservedly so, too; the series was a great one for about--let's see, what year did Elmo join?

7) Laugh-In: A 50th anniversary reunion special will premiere on Netflix on May 14. Of course, if you want to actually watch the series, you have to go to Amazon Prime because Netflix doesn't bother with old stuff. Unless it's new. That is--eh, you know what we mean.

8) Ernie Anderson: ABC's anniversary as a TV network was Friday, which made us think again of the unofficial voice of the network. Any promo with him is gold, but nothing beat him hyping The Love Boat:

9) Don Cornelius: Continues to be the star of my personal TV year as I watch American Soul.

10) The Berenstain Bears' Easter Surprise: Classic example of the Mandela Effect: I could have sworn when I was a kid it was Ester.

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