Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New rarity on Prime Video: Tucker's Witch (1982, CBS)

Lost in the shuffle amidst a wave of classic TV for Prime Video last week was the rare 1982 CBS series Tucker's Witch, with all 12 episodes now available to stream:

Tim Matheson and Catherine Hicks star as a married P.I. team with a twist--yes, she's a witch! Barbara Barrie and Alfre Woodward also appear in the light detective series, which debuted Wednesday nights at 10:00 P.M., following Alice  and Filthy Rich, but was quickly yanked from the regular schedule before a brief return in the spring. Apparently witchcraft was no match for bitchcraft--the series went up against Dynasty and Quincy M.E. (you see, Quincy, uh, liked to bitch about stuff).

It's cool to see an obscure show like this pop on Prime. Anyone remember this series?

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