Thursday, April 11, 2019

This Day in TV History: ABC's lineup Wednesday April 11, 1979

Watch the promos for these programs, all voiced by the great Ernie Anderson, and tell me you don't wish you were in 1979, sitting on the sofa with a Swanson and a Milwaukee's Best sixpack:

The first series is about a family of orphans whose parents die in a sailing accident and start living with a fisherman played by Clu Gulager. Hey, at least you get to see Hawaii! Amazingly, these episodes are online if you look around.

This particular clip shows that classic late 1970s ABC blend of titillation and modesty: "It'll fit some of me...but it won't fit enough of me."

The Charlie's Angels tease seems to give away the whole gimmick. I mean, we weren't really expecting definitive proof of a haunted house, but Ernie flat-out tells everyone it's "a very human madman" doing the shenanigans.

As for The Hal Linden Special...well, do we need to be sold on that? That's a rather saucy-looking shot of Linda Lavin, by the way.

Special thanks to SeanMC for posting this on his excellent YouTube channel!

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