Sunday, April 7, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #10

1) James Garner: It's always a good time to celebrate one of TV's most beloved stars, but today is the late legend's birthday.

2) Twiki: In honor of National Robotics Week, we salute one of our favorite robots. I wish I were more like Twiki: Just watch how smooth he is with the lady bots:

3) Lisa Whelchel: Another one of her brilliant ideas: Hosting Collector's Call on MeTV, which premieres tonight.

4) Al McGuire: When it's NCAA March Madness time, I think of Al McGuire. Specifically, I think of Al and Dick Enberg on NBC's coverage. I realize they weren't known for their tournament work because CBS had the rights, but why quibble if we have a chance to post a vintage NBC college hoops opening?

5) Pamela Sue Martin: The former Nancy Drew earned a role in the CW's upcoming remake. Hopefully they don't cast Parker Stevenson to take all her screen time again.

6) Toronto Blue Jays: The franchise played its first official game on this date in 1977!

7) Michael Landon: Reelz's special on Landon tonight reportedly posits a link between the star's cancer death and Little House shooting near a contaminated nuclear site. That would be ironic considering nuclear fallout was about the only thing that didn't cause problems for the Ingalls family.

8) Bob Hope: I gotta tell ya, folks, I wish that Prime Video had more than just a bunch of his Christmas specials, but it's cool that many of those are now available for streaming.

9) Hugh O'Brian: Check out BOTNS immortal Hugh in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp now on Amazon Prime Video. Then check him out at his most "suave and de-boner" as we discuss Search in one of our earlier seasons.

10) Kathie Lee Gifford: As Kathie Lee is forced out--uh, "retires" from Today, don't lose track of her rich television legacy. Yes, she was annoying millions of viewers as far back as 1985 (She didn't annoy people on Name the Tune).

Not ranked: Bill Cosby

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