Sunday, May 12, 2019

BOTNS Top 10 #15

1) Mama from That's My Mama: We have lots of choices to honor on Mother's Day, but how about someone who's right there in the title of her show: MAMA! Yes, we salute you, Eloise, and TV and real moms everywhere.

2) Maureen McCormick: Good for the former Marcia Brady for calling out anti-vaxxers who were using an old Brady Bunch episode as inspiration. I don't get medical advice from that show. Dating advice, career advice, sliced meats advice--yes. But not medical advice.

3) Pat Sajak: Was recognized by Guinness for being the game show host with the longest run hosting the same show. There seems to be no previous recordholder, meaning they just DECIDED this. How powerful IS Pat Sajak, anyway, that people just want to create records for him?

4) Telma Hopkins: The irrepressible Telma Hopkins (doesn't it feel like she would be called that?) has returned to TV in Netflix's Dead Like Me.

5) Jim Fowler: Speaking of which (sorry), R.I.P. to the longtime Wild Kingdom host and late-night guest, who passed away last week. How's this for a clip: No biggie, just Jim diving out of a helicopter:

6) Jacques Cousteau: The producers of Free Solo will make a documentary about the legendary oceanographer for National Geographic. Cousteau was an accomplished man...but did he ever dive out of a helicopter?

7) Leonard Nimoy: A nice tribute here on MeTV's website contains a lot of cool pics.

8) Marie Osmond: She is taking over on...uh, some daytime gabfest, replacing...uh, someone.

9) Bruce Boxleitner: The actor was born on this day in 1950. Anyone remember this show?

Bruce, Lacey from Caddyshack, Superfly, and Wong from Dr. Strange!

10 (tie): Kim Fields/McKenzie Astin: Both stars of Facts of Life celebrate birthdays today, though one was, well, a little more instrumental to the series' success than the other.

But I'm not embedding a video of her:

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