Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Reboot scorecard

Here's a quick look at how the 70s/80s TV reboots fared at the network upfront presentations recently:

MacGyver: CBS renewed it for season 4 with some changes. This is probably #2 on my periodic "This is a thing?" list.

Hawaii Five-0: Renewed for season 10 and still going strong for CBS. It's clearly King Reboot right now.

Magnum P.I.: Much less strong, but still renewed for a season 2 in hopes it will build with help from international markets.

Lethal Weapon (well, it's a reboot of an 80s MOVIE): Canceled after 3 seasons, and it had enough behind-the-scenes drama for twice that.

SWAT: And here is the #1 program on my periodic "This is a thing?" list! It's coming back to CBS for a third season.

Dynasty: This low-rated revival will come back for a third season on The CW.

Murphy Brown: The only outright flop on the list. It didn't catch on critically nor commercially and will not be back on CBS.

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