Sunday, May 19, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #16

1) Tim Conway: RIP.

2) Doris Day: Doris may have been better known as a movie star, but she did have a sitcom that changed its format just about every year. RIP.

3) Peggy Lipton: And RIP to the former Mod Squad star.

4) All in the Family: Enjoyed a weeklong marathon on Get TV ahead of the upcoming re-enactment staged by Jimmy Kimmel and ABC.

5) Laugh-In: A reunion special debuted on Netflix this week, which is cool enough, but it's kind of confusing since the actual shows, which are probably much more appealing, are on Prime Video.  Remember back in the day, when NBC would devote an hour or two of primetime real estate to an all-star tribute to one of its old shows? Now we have to look to streaming.

6) Andre the Giant: Born this day in 1946. Who can forget the irresistible force meeting the immovable object at Mania III?

7) Jane Curtin: She appears in United We Fall, one of the few new shows picked up by ABC for the fall--heck, one of the few new sitcoms, period.

8) The New Twilight Zone: It's coming to Me-TV's schedule next week, perhaps fueled by renewed interest in the franchise.

9) Ronnie Schell: He makes a strong impression as a talent agent in the season 2 Happy Days episode A Star Is Bored. Why is this notable? Amazon Prime added 14 episodes (?) last week, and this one was the only one I hadn't seen on CBS All Access/

10) Harold Lederman: RIP one of the iconic voices of boxing. His passing, on the heels of HBO dropping the sport, is another reminder of my lost childhood. Let's go out on an up note with this compilation of Harold saying, "OK, Jim." The Internet is great sometimes.

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