Sunday, May 5, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #14

1) Ann B. Davis: The late actress was born this day in 1926. Let's take a look at this rare Brady Bunch/Battle of the Network Stars crossover:

2) Alyssa Milano: Is launching a new podcast designed to show everyone how socially conscious she is--I mean, to explore issues related to social consciousness. I can't make fun of Eva Savealot.

3) Cops: Celebrating its 30th anniversary, and obviously the nation's declining crime rates are directly correlated with this landmark series.

4) Shannen Doherty: I don't know if she did it in purpose, but she kinda looks like the biggest star by being the last one to commit to the 90210 revival.

5) Press Your Luck: The upcoming ABC reboot landed Elizabeth Banks as its host.

6) David Hartman: All this talk of turmoil behind the scenes at CBS' morning show makes me flash back to a kinder, gentler time and network:

7) Yogi Bear: Boomerang's SVOD service added a bunch of Yogi-related content, including Yogi's Space Race, this weekend.

8) The Star Wars Holiday Special: Not a single person invited me to their May 4 viewing party. Or do you mean to tell me people are actually celebrating "May the Fourth Be With You" without watching this television classic?

9) The Friar's Club Roasts: Get TV, which I really wish I GOT, announced it is showing two of these old (pre-Dean Martin's Celebrity Roasts) specials this month.

10) Tina Yothers: The former Family Ties star, who was at least the third-most popular Keaton child, was born on this day in 1973.

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