Sunday, May 26, 2019

BOTNS Top 10 #17

1) All in the Family: The Live in Front of a Studio Audience recreation of AITF was a smash for ABC Wednesday night.

2) The Jeffersons: Ditto. The live stunt was a big success. But wouldn't one way to pay tribute to Norman Lear be to make sure his programs are available on streaming uncut and accessible for all? Some of AITF is on Crackle, and The Jeffersons is on Starz, but I don't think either of those shows has ever been on Netflix, Hulu, nor Prime Video.

3) Farrah Fawcett: it was lost in the hubbub over the Learverse special, but ABC did well with a Farrah Fawcett documentary this week.

4) Bronk: Warner Archive announces the short-lived Jack Palance series is coming to DVD.

And how fun it is to say BRONK?

BRONK. Bronk. Bronk. BRONK! Bronky bronk.

5) Steve Kroft: After 40 years (!) with 60 Minutes, the young whippersnapper is retiring from the series.

6) Tour of Duty: In honor of Memorial Day, let's remember the 1987-1990 Vietnam War series.

7) China Beach: In honor of Memorial Day, let's remember the 1988-1991 Vietnam War series that guys were afraid to admit they watched.

8) MASH: In honor of Mem--You know what, this series is on all the time everywhere, so do we really need a special reason?

9) Philip Michael Thomas: The Miami Vice star turns 70 today. Did you know that he coined the term EGOT despite never having been nominated for any of those awards?

According to Vanity Fair via Wikipedia:

 "...Thomas took to wearing a gold medallion emblazoned with the letters "EGOT", which stood for "Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony." As Thomas told an interviewer in 1984, "Hopefully in the next five years I will win all of those awards."

10) John Wayne: Also born on this date was the man best known for this enduring piece of Americana Swing Out, Sweet Land (1970). Check out this clip featuring William Shatner, Ross Martin, and BOTNS faves Lorne Greene and Hugh O'Brian. Can it be that Shatner isn't in the BOTNS universe yet?

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