Sunday, June 16, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #20

From all of us at BOTNS to all of you, Happy Father's Day!

1) Skip Caray: The longtime voice of the Atlanta Braves followed his father Harry and preceded his son Chip into baseball broadcasting, and since he was so identified with TBS for so long, what better time to put ol' Skip on our rankings?

2) Ted Turner: Again, we recommend you check out this week's TBS episode of the podcast, and ted should really be number one. Yet of all the things Ted was, we're not 100% sure he was a great dad. Maybe about 40%. Or, more appropriately, about 40.05.

3) Tom Bradford: One of our favorite TV dads is equally adept at column writing, displaying exasperation, and who's-on-firsting.

4) Howard Cunningham: Truth be told, as a TV dad, the Happy Days patriarch may only be a B+. But as a hardware store owner, he's a solid A, no doubt!

5) Doggie Daddy and Augie Doggie: On this holiday, we celebrate the love, the devtotion, the downright obsession Doggie Daddy had for his son. Hey, come to think of it, it was a little creepy, wasn't it?

6) Jack Albertson: "The Man" was born this day in 1907.

7) Christopher Knight: TV 's Peter Brady gave an extensive interview to Decider discussing some of his favorite Bunch episodes.

8) Webster: The 80s family sitcom is returning to Antenna TV next week. I'm sure somewhere little Web is pumping his fist and exclaiming, "Suck it, Cozi TV!"

9) Burt Reynolds: If you've ever wanted a piece of Burt (though maybe not one of his pieces), his heirs are giving away everything except certified ABC gum in a massive estate sale.

10) This guy: We know he's a great dad because his kids learn so much from him!

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