Friday, June 21, 2019

Show Notes: Episode 6-3: Hardcastle and McCormick

*Hardcastle and McCormick ran 1983-1986--3 seasons and 67 episodes--on ABC. The episode we discuss this week, Killer B's, premiered Sunday, November 6, 1983, at 8:00 P.M.

*The book Mike mentions is available right here.

*Check out our YT playlist this week for both versions of the series' theme song, Drive and Back to Back. Which do YOU prefer?

*The series was a top-15 hit its first season but dropped quickly.

*I Married Dora with Daniel Hugh Kelly aired 13 episodes in the 1987-88 season on ABC. Check out our YouTube playlist this week for a glimpse of the short-lived sitcom.

*Barnaby Jones, which starred this episode's guest star Buddy Ebsen, lasted 8 seasons on CBS. Ebsen was 75 when Killer B's aired.

*Thunder Road is a 1958 United Artists picture with Robert Mitchum and Gene Barry.

*Tracy Scoggins was not on Baywatch, but, oh, I tried to find her. She was on the 1984 Hawaiian Heat.

*Quinn Martin (1922-1987) was indeed a real person. He produced The Fugitive and The Invaders in addition to Barnaby Jones and other BOTNS candidates like Cannon, The Streets of San Francisco, and Dan August.

*The 1985 series Stingray DID feature a character named Stingray, but it wasn't a man named Bob Stingray, but a guy nicknamed Stingray after his car. His car wasn't named Bob Stingray, either, but was an actual Stingray car.

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