Friday, June 14, 2019

Show Notes: Episode 6-2: TBS

*We hope you enjoy our first episode about not just a show, but a network! Are there any others you think merit the same treatment?

*WTCG (some say it stood for Turner Communication Group; legend has it that it stood for Watch This Channel Grow) was an Atlanta station that went national via satellite transmission in 1976. It changed call letters to TBS and adopted the Superstation identity in 1979.

*Associated Artists Productions (AAP) was a distributor of theatrical product to television. It's most famous for the AAP logo that appeared at the beginning of many Looney Tunes and Popeye shorts on TV for years.

*Ted Turner reportedly said TBS was built on wrestling, the Atlanta Braves, and The Andy Griffith Show.

*Launch dates of the spinoff networks:
CNN: June 1, 1980
Headline News: January 1, 1983 (but started a year earlier as CNN 2)
TNT: October 3, 1988
Cartoon Network: October 1, 1992
Turner Classic Movies: April 14, 1994

*TBS is currently not using Turner Time! Programs start on the half-hour.

*Night Tracks aired 1983-1992.

*John Sterling, the radio voice of the New York Yankees since 1989, was the Braves' play by play guy from 1982 to 1987 and also did the Hawks games, as Mike recalls.

*The original song At the Hop was a #1 song in 1958 (after being released in 1957) for Danny and the Juniors. See the NBA on TBS version in this week's YouTube playlist!

*Still the Beaver began as a Disney Channel original (after a CBS TV movie), then migrated to TBS as The New Leave It to Beaver from 1986-1989.

*Tush aired 1980-1981 on TBS.

*Country singer Bobby Bare hosted a show on The Nashville Network in the 1980s; you can see him and John Prine perform together in a clip on our YouTube playlist this week. Remember to check out our official YT page each week for official episode playlists plus past installments of the podcast!

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