Saturday, June 8, 2019

YouTube Spotlight: from the "Cheers" playlist, "It's Not Easy"

Welcome to the beginning of our sixth season of Battle of the Network Shows! Each Saturday this season, we are going to pull one video from our YouTube playlist for that week's episode and spotlight it here in case you don't have time to check out the whole list.

This week's list for Cheers is here, and we do recommend you open it and look at all the cool stuff in there, but today let's zero in on this:

As uploader Gilmore Box notes in his comments, this ABC sitcom didn't last long--only 7 episodes, in fact--but it stars Ken Howard AND Bert Convy! Plus Carlene Watkins from BOTNS fave Best of the West, Jayne Meadows, Billy Jacoby (who played a wise-ass in tons of shows of the era), and if that ain't enough, Evan Cohen, the boy next door on The Ropers!

The premise is a little convoluted, to be sure, but did it deserve to crash like it did? There is an episode online if you want to judge for yourself. I'm a known sucker for Bert Convy, Actor, but I find this one kind of funny.

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