Sunday, August 4, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #27

1) Automan: Could our podcast instigate a resurgence of interest in the short-lived cult show?

Well, it could!

2) The Odd Couple: Decades is showing a weekend marathon of the classic sitcom, and I and many others who had access to WPIX in the 1980s can tell you it's a show that never gets old.

3) Desi Arnaz Jr.: On Automan, he was a bit of a nebbish, but back in the day he made hearts melt all over the world. Check out our friend Steve's post in our official Facebook group (just ask to get in) for proof!

4) Harley Race: R.I.P. to the former NWA heavyweight champ. he got national exposure in the 1980s WWF, but let's remember the kick-as 1970s Race:

5) Nick Buoniconti: I really wish HBO would make available some old Inside the NFL episodes to pay tribute to the late Miami Dolphin-turned-TV host. It's difficult for people who weren't around to understand the impact of the show in the 1980s. In a time when highlights were NOT available on demand, you got game analysis and sweet NFL Films footage each week.

6) Merlin Olsen: Because I love the way he invites us to watch Father Murphy at the end of this NBC promo. It's somehow both stilted and folksy. "We're looking forward to seeing you..."  Wait, aren't I gonna be seeing YOU?

7) Alan Thicke: Hey, THIS still hasn't gotten old:

8) One Day at a Time: The first two seasons of the original non-woke version of the sitcom are on Crackle. Honestly, it's possible that this has been true for months and I just forgot because it's Crackle. Have you seen any What's New on Crackle in August stories? I haven't, either, and I looked for them!

9) Tina Cole: Happy birthday to one of the reasons the Dodie years of My Three Sons were watchable.

10) Richard Belzer: After the man has appeared in seemingly dozens of shows and become the linchpin of the Tommy Westphal Universe, I still remember the birthday boy (born today in 1944) for this.


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