Tuesday, August 20, 2019

YouTube Spotlight: Voyage of the Yes starring Automan's Desi Arnaz Jr.

A few weeks ago, we talked about Automan on the podcast, and of course we created a video playlise devoted to the show. One of the more interesting clips is this segment from 1973 TV movie The Voyage of the Yes:

The movie starred Automan's Desi Arnaz Jr. and The Jeffersons' Mike Evans as teenagers who decide to sail from California to Hawaii. The movie, which is available on Prime Video, is very well reviewed on IMDB.

It premiered January 16, 1973 on CBS against an ABC TV movie take on Frankenstein and the second half of a The New Doctors episode on NBC.  The Voyage of the Yes also features Scoey Mitchell, Beverly Garland, Della Reese, Steve Franken, and Dick Powell Jr.! The series pilot apparently has it all--drama, race relations, and a shark! Click here for Made for TV Mayhem's take on the movie.

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