Thursday, August 29, 2019

This Day in TV History: "The Fugitive" ends

On August 29, 1967, the running stopped as The Fugitive wrapped up the saga of Richard Kimble. The high-rated episode is considered a leading influence on subsequent programs that ended with an actual conclusion rather than just a 'regular" episode.

This season, Mike and I discussed the St. Elsewhere finale, with me speculating that the series as a whole is overshadowed by the infamous ending. Yet perhaps that notorious twist is what will make the show be remembered at all in another 20 years. I hate to say it because I think The Fugitive is one of the best series ever, but there aren't many non-genre hour dramas from the sixties that people still talk about today. I happen to think that's an indictment on people, not on those TV dramas, but the point stands.

What are some of your favorite series finales? Do you think every series "must" end with some kind of conclusion that provides closure?

And to tie it in with our time period, here is a cool clip from The Museum of Classic Chicago Television: a clip from a rerun of The Fugitive plus some commercials from the time:

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