Sunday, August 18, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #29

1) St. Elsewhere: The acclaimed medical drama is the subject of our podcast this week! Check it out to hear Mike (who has seen every episode) and I (more a newbie) discuss the legacy of the series, our favorite performers, and an interesting episode with guest stars including...

2) Betty White: Isn't it always appropriate to put Ms. White in a top ten list? She is very good in Close Encounters, the Elsewhere episode we talk about on BOTNS.

But we don't need an excuse to put her on the list!

3) Welcome Back, Kotter: Antenna TV is running a marathon this weekend. All over the country, millions of kids are annoyed at the reminder that school starts soon...yet simultaneously delighted by Gabe's charming story of the time his Uncle Saul accidentally boarded a school bus instead of the commuter train.

4) The Bold and the Beautiful: For the first time in it's over-30-year history, the show won the important soap opera demo of women 25-54 years old. I suppose it helps that there are only, what, 4 soaps on the air now.

5) Rue McClanahan: A woman in the star's native Ardmore, Oklahoma, opened an AirBNB with a Golden Girls theme. No, it doesn't resemble the show's set. No, it doesn't come stocked with cheesecake. No, it doesn't--Look, it has pictures of the cast, OK? What else could you want from it?

6) Magic Johnson: The NBA legend celebrated his 60th birthday by releasing a list of his 60 favorite TV shows. What a fantastic idea, and we forgive him for neglecting Automan.  Fun fact: We have covered 6 of his shows on our podcast, and you may hear us talk about another very, very soon (HINT: It ain't Judge Mathis).

7) Real People: The police shut down a promotion tied to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel that had Amazon offering gasoline for 30 cents a gallon. Heaven forbid people save money. the whole thing reminded me I finished watching Real People's first season on Prime Video, and about 35% of each episode is people mocking, ranting about, or otherwise complaining about gas shortages and prices.

8) Martin Mull: Happy birthday to the former Barth (and Garth) Gimble!

9) Carol Burnett: The Paley Center announced it is celebrating her and Norman Lear (We're not ranking HIM yet AGAIN this week!), Bob Newhart, Lily Tomlin, and Carl Reiner. What better way to honor Ms. Burnett than by...making more seasons of The Carol Burnett Show available on Prime Video?

Well, I'd appreciate it. Man can't live on Real People alone.

10) Gail Fisher: The late actress was born on this date in 1935. If she were around today, she would be especially delighted to learn Mannix made the prestigious Magic Johnson 60.

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