Sunday, November 17, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #42

1) Spider-Woman: Yeah, The Mandalorian is cool, but my favorite thing on Disney Plus may be this late 1970s cartoon. It makes no sense at all, and I love it.

2) The Twilight Zone: Out of our era unless you count the 1985 revival, but so what? I saw a Fathom Events screening of 6 classic episodes plus a documentary, and it reaffirmed what a great show it was.

3) McCloud: Been watching some of this via Cozi, and I love the fact that pretty much all the cliches you want to be true of the show are true.

4) Danny DeVito: Happy birthday to the star of Taxi and so much else. Has anyone ever called him "The tallest man never to reach 5 feet"? Should we make that a thing?

5) Jo Anne Worley: Was anyone over the age of 13 ever so enthusiastic about Kleenex?

6) Richard Dawson: Me-TV ran a great story on its website this week explaining (as well as it can) the man's musical career.

7) Diff'rent Strokes: Speaking of Me-TV, it starts it seasonal TV celebration with Thanksgiving episodes today, including a pair of Conrad Bain and co.  Isn't it funny how it's increasingly acceptable to start thinking of Christmas after Halloween, yet no one starts calling for Thanksgiving preparations right after Labot Day?

8) Days of Our Lives: I don't want to say this show is done for, but when everyone in the cast is told their contracts won't be renewed, that's not a good sign. Congrats on a heck of a run.

9) Lorne Michaels: Happy birthday to the fourth-most imitated man in the history of show business, trailing only Marlon Brando, Jimmy Cagney, and of course Barry Bostwick.

10) My Two Dads: While the world (and by world, I mean...well, let's just leave it) waits for this week's debut of the Mad About You revival, true Reisheads anticipate a reunion of this 1987 sitcom.

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