Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Promo Theatre: What a night of television!

Ah, to be in 1979, when the Pittsburgh sports teams ruled the world, oil was in short supply (OK, that one wasn't so good), and TV was awesome on Saturday nights! Just check out this brilliant Ernie Anderson promo (courtesy of the great Bionic Disco YT channel)  for ABC's lineup on Saturday, November 3, 1979:

Imagine the hijinks when the Ropers have to move in with the Brookes!

And how about Detective School? This series lasted 13 episodes, July-November 1979, and was not well received in the fall after its summer debut.

CBS ran Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown and Avalanche as a movie double feature, while NBC countered with a new CHiPs and part 1 of MacArthur with Gregory Peck.  So maybe this Saturday night wasn't hot stuff all over the dial (although the CHiPs episode is Hot Wheels), but that ABC lineup has a little something for everyone.

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