Monday, November 4, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #40: Special Daylight Savings Time Edition

1) Paul Lynde: All hail the undisputed King of Halloween, whose 1976 TV special celebrating the holiday is now an annual tradition in my household. I may be the only one watching it next year, but still.

2) Don Johnson: Watchmen, Knives Out, a Nash Bridges revival...the Donaissance continues, but it won't be complete until a reissue of this with remastering and bonus tracks:

3) Arsenio Hall: New standup special on Netflix confirms that...Arsenio is still around.

4) Dennis Miller: Happy birthday to the best Weekend Update anchor of all time, IMO, who also has a nice gig hosting Fridays on Turner Classic Movies this month.

5) The Wizard of Oz: Today in 1956 was the first televised showing of the film, which went on to charm millions of adults and terrorize millions of kids each year around Thanksgiving for decades.

6) Walter Mercado: R.I.P. to the astrologer who was a fixture on TV for years. You can't tell me that knowing Spanish would in any way be a requirement to enjoy something like this:

7) Good Morning America: The ABC morning staple premiered on this day in 1975.

8) Kari Michaelsen: Happy birthday to the former child star from Gimme a break. She of course was the middle daughter. Or was she Samantha? Or the blonde?

Well...I know she wasn't The Chief.

9) Diff'rent Strokes: Today also marks the anniversary of this classic sitcom, which we cover on the podcast right here.  Come to think of it, I think Diff'rent Strokes covered more serious issues during its run than Good Morning America did.  Plus Strokes had a cuddlier star than David Hartman--Conrad Bain.

10) Tom Shales: Happy birthday to the former Washington Post TV critic, though for some reason I have the feeling he'd be kind of grumpy about being included on this list. Sorry, Mr. Shales, but while we respect your work, you're no Gary Deeb.

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