Sunday, November 24, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #43:

1) Spider-Woman: This old Marvel cartoon has captured the imagination of our Facebook group! Come join us and marvel at this amazing series.

2) The Doobie Brothers: The Batty-winning band keeps making headlines while it waits for news on a Hall of Fame induction. This week it surprised a crowd by bringing out former member and anti-bootlegger Michael McDonald, then announced a forthcoming tour.

3) WKRP: Celebrate Thanksgiving a little early with Patrick Sim--Gary Sandy in the beloved Turkeys Away episode on Me-TV tonight.

4) Banacek: I noticed Cozi was showing the show yesterday, and I thought, "Hey, why didn't anyone tell me Cozi was showing Banacek?" Then I investigated and discovered the next airing was in January.  So I guess Cozi isn't really showing Banacek. If it starts showing Banyon, you all have permission to contact me immediately.

5) Salem's Lot: 50 years ago this weekend, CBS aired a miniseries adapting Stephen King's novel.  It was directed by Tobe Hooper and starred James Mason, David Soul, and Bonnie Bedelia. Here's a promo for a condensed re-air in 1981:

6) Dwight Schultz: Happy birthday to the former A-Team star who may have done his finest work here:

7) Matt Houston: Because seeing this promo on YouTube reminded me that there just isn't enough Matt Houston in the BOTNSiverse yet. It's "murder by the SEA!"

8) Johnny Cash and Mac Davis: If it's not too early to celebrate Christmas, you can check out their respective 1980s Christmas specials on Get-TV tonight. It's never too early or late to celebrate Mac Davis.

9) Chilly Willy/Breezly and Sneezly: Why is it no one has tried to cash in on the Frozen phenomenon by putting some of my favorite polar cartoons back in reruns or on streaming?

10) Arthur Marks: R.I.P. to the longtime director of numerous TV episodes in addition to classic blaxpoloitation flicks.

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