Monday, December 28, 2020

This Day in TV History: Roller Disco Redux and more!

On this night 40 years ago, NBC gave America a special encore presentation of one of the best episodes in TV history: "Roller Disco" from CHiPs! Yes, it brought back the two-part classic originally broadcast in September 1979, and it even presented it as one seamless two-hour block!

Listen to our dissection of "Roller Disco" here!

Does it matter what else was on that night? Probably not. ABC went for prestige witn Omnibus hosted by Hal Holbrook and Paul Newman's directorial debut, The Shadow Box with Joanne Woodward. CBS had a night of reruns, including a Christmas episode of Alice. Well, kudos to CBS for declaring that the holiday wasn't over just because it was 3 days ago!

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