Sunday, December 13, 2020

Top Ten #98

1) Night of 100 Stars: It was the most impressive display of starpower I've seen all season! And that was just Mike and me! The Stars weren't bad, either. Well, some were better than others. Listen to this week's episode to learn more!

2) Santa Claus Is Coming to Town: We'll have more on this tomorrow, but it's the 50th anniversary of this classic special, and while its official premiere date is December 14, some markets may have aired it December 13.  My theory: the Mickster's performance was so big it needed both nights.

3) Sammy Davis Jr.: After the questionable Poor Devil, Sammy finds redemption on the podcast this week as we praise his performance of Mr. Bojangles. Here's a different version:

4) Andy Panda: Seeing the images of good pandas everywhere sullied by Lola Falana's bizarre number on Night of 100 Stars makes one appreciate the bland but respectable performances of Andy on Woody Woodpecker shows back in the day.

5) Bob Hope: Hey, everybody, this is Rick "Not another top ten" Brooks here at Tan Son Nhut. That's Vietnamese for "Rick needs another item and wants to tell ya that many of the Hope Christmas specials are still streaming on Prime Video."

Unfortunately it's mostly the USO tours, and we need more like this:

6) McDonald's: Remember this heartwarming Christmas ad? I only wish they had done a roller disco version with Ronald holding the kid up underneath a shimmering disco ball.

7) The Golden Girls: Their Nightmare Before Christmas episode, the first Xmas one they did, is all over the place and does the unthinkable by nearly wasting Teddy Wilson, but give the show credit for trying.  You didn't see Empty Nest do a Christmas episode, did you? Did you? Seriously, did you? I don't remember watching much of that show at all.

8) Dick Van Dyke: Happy birthday to the legendary star of Van Dyke and Company!

9) John Davidson: Speaking of dudes with self-titled shows, it's also the birthday of this guy:

10) David Lander: R.I.P. to one of the biggest show stealers of the Garry Marshall universe.

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