Sunday, December 6, 2020

Top Ten #97

1) Darkroom: Our most macabre season yet built up to a journey to the most dangerous of all rooms in the house: the darkroom.  I used to think it was maybe the basement or the attic, or the kitchen with all the appliances.  And don't they say that most household accidents take place in the bathroom?

Where was I? Oh, yeah! Enjoy this week's podcast!

2) James Coburn: The host of Darkroom is James Coburn, and while he may not have been the ideal choice, he's still James Coburn.  Check out another glimpse of the man as he hosted SNL:

3) Frosty the Snowman: I kicked off my own holiday special season with one of my favorite Christmas cartoons of all time. Let's hope I'm not too busy, busy, busy to watch the rest of my faves this year.

4) Connie Sellecca and Danny Aiello: I have been watching On Our Own on Prime Video, and lately the short-lived 1977 CBS sitcom offered some interesting guests. Sellecca showed up as a model (makes sense), and Aiello showed up as an L.A. Rams quarterback. Wait, what? No, I am not making that up.

5) Magnum P.I.: All seasons of the show, which we discussed here, are now available on Roku Channel.

6) The NBC Mystery Wheel: Good week for NBC Mystery Movie fans: IMDB-TV added Banacek, McCloud, and McMillan and Wife; and VEI announced it is reissuing its DVD set of The Snoop Sisters

Peacock, how's about keeping it going and streaming Hec Ramsey and Lanigan's Rabbi?

7) Warren Berlinger: R.I.P. to the prolific character actor, someone I just saw playing an amorous IRS agent (that sounds as credible as Aiello as a Rams player) on Alice.

8) The Price Is Right: The Bob Barker years are now available on the show's own Pluto TV channel 24/7, but if we don't want to go over, maybe we should just say 20/5.

9) Freebie and the Bean and Secrets of Midland Heights: On this night 40 years ago, CBS premiered these two new series. Neither made it:

10) Abby Dalton: R.I.P. to the former star of Abby Dalton, who starred on Falcon Crest but did her best acting job years earlier by pretending to love the title star on The Joey Bishop Show.

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