Tuesday, December 8, 2020

This Day in TV History: Two new shows premiered 40 years ago...two days ago

Because we've been focusing on the 1980 TV season this year, I want to step back and provide some more info on two CBS programs that debuted 40 years ago two days ago--Freebie and the Bean and Secrets of Midland Heights.

The new hourlong programs premiered December 6, 1980. Here is a promo from the following week's episodes. We posted this Sunday in the weekly Top Ten post:

But if you want more about these two series, where better to go than TV Guide? Here are the write-ups from the 1980 Fall Preview issue:

Secrets was essentially Lorimar's attempt to cash in on Dallas and get a younger audience, but it was gone after one season. King's Crossing, an ABC soap that premiered a couple years later, came from the ashes of this series but wasn't any more successful.

As for Freebie, it lasted a mere 9 episodes and was yanked before the end of January.

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