Friday, June 24, 2022

Power Rankings: It's Garry Shandling's Show guest stars

This is one of the toughest power rankings I have done! There are some great guest stars who have enlivened It's Garry Shandling's Show, and ranking them seems foolish. But I will do it anyway. Remember, these rankings are based on who I think would win if they faced off against each other under a dome in Yakima, Washington. Also note these are guest stars playing as themselves, so this does not include notable performers doing character parts, so Jack Dodson's turn as Howard Sprague--one of my favorite parts of a disappointing season 4--is not ranked.

1) Jeff Goldblum: I went on enough about him in our episode this week, didn't I? He is perfect in "go Go Goldblum."

2) Bert Convy: On a similar note, nobody played Bert Convy better than the late great Bert Convy. His jealousy of Wink Martindale is palpable in that same episode (and really, can you blame him?).

3) Tom Petty: I love that several times, Tom was just hanging out, one of Garry's neighbors who was dropping by to do neighborhood stuff. When the Shumachers' baby is born, though, Petty helps out by sticking around to do "The Waiting" and even helps out with the delivery!

4) Flo and Eddie: I don't want to give too much detail, but their appearance--and they do sing a song--creates one of my favorite moments on the series.

5) Gilda Radner: She tore the roof of the dump with what was her comeback to TV and also her final TV appearance before her untimely death.

6) Don Cornelius: Don maintained professionalism as he narrated the 1988 election results with aplomb...during the show.

7) Rob Reiner: Reiner just seems like a great neighbor, and on the show he was there to give Garry advice when needed.

8) Martin Mull: He actually feuded with Garry! Mull was an outstanding fit for the show.

9) Doc Severinsen: His appearance is a great surprise in an episode already mentioned, so I won't say anything more.

10) Pete Conrad: I can't recall what he did, but I do know that it was great to see the stilted way Garry introduced him with mock showbiz elation: "Hey, look. it's Pete Conrad, the third astronaut to walk on the moon!"

Not ranked: Norman Fell, June Lockhart, Red Buttons, and many more!

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