Sunday, June 5, 2022

Top Ten #180: Summer IS here now edition

1) Bob Hope: We tried to give the legendary performer and longtime TV mainstay his due on the podcast, but I wonder if a lot of people don't even know who he was anymore. It sounds like the handiwork of Bing Crosby. Wait, people don't remember Bing Crosby anymore? 

2) Mac Davis: Mac was a standout on the special we discussed this week, and he was an engaging performer with a fine career in his own right!

3) Fran Tarkenton: One of the other standouts of that special. What, you were expecting Sammy Davis Jr.?

4) Norm Abram: The longtime star of This Old House announced his retirement recently. Good for him for getting out of the biz with 10 fingers and 10 toes.

5) The Golden Girls: This Tuesday and June 14, you can watch selected episodes (but not "Ladies of the Evening") on the big screen at a Fathom Events screening. Cheesecake had better be served in the lobby.

6) Monty Hall's Smokin'-Stokin' Fire Brigade: Boy, I wish I had a clip of whatever this is. It aired on ABC at 8 50 years ago tonight, and was built around a tour of California with co-stars like Dom Deluise, Rosey Grier, and Jim Backus.

7) Hardcastle and McCormick: The series debuted on Crackle this week, and it remains a great 'Ernie Anderson" show:

8) America in Search of Itself: In this NBC program from 40 years ago tonight, newsman John Chancellor and historian Theodore White conduct a search despite the utter and appalling absence of Leonard Nimoy.

9) Howard Johnson's: The last standalone HoJo's restaurant closed last week.

10) R.I.P. Charles Siebert: The Trapper John M.D. star was 84.

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