Sunday, June 12, 2022

Top Ten #181

1) Dean Martin: How could we do a game of Martins, as we did on our bonus episode this week, without ol' Dino? Well, here's a special bonus: This Martin was in The Dean Martin Show, Dean's Place, and The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast. Take all the time you need.

2) Peanut Butter Cookie Day: Might we suggest some Archway cookies, as Mike mentioned on the podcast, to celebrate? If you can't find those, here's an alternative:

3) Children's Day: It's also Children's Day, and maybe you can give a deserving kid a cookie. Unfortunately, you can't take them to Child World anymore.

4) Jenilee Harrison: Happy birthday to the woman who replaced the woman who--no, wait, she was the one who replaced Suzanne--no, wait, she was on at the same time for a while as--hey, happy birthday to the former Jamie on Dallas.

5) The Munsters: Entertainment Weekly posted a new teaser for the upcoming Rob Zombie movie, and I think we can confirm it's based on the original 1960s show and not The Munsters Today.

6) Who's Who: An episode of this CBS newsmagazine show aired 45 years ago tonight, and one of the segments, according to, was "Robert Blake defends television violence." No comment.

7) My Favorite Martian: We paid homage to the 1960s sitcom with our bonus episode game this week, so let's give another shout to the Ray Walson/Bill Bixby comedy which aired on reruns in the BOTNS era!

8) Marv Albert: Do we wish the legendary broadcaster a good birthday? YESSSS! (Sorry)

9) Raiders of the Lost Ark: The movie premiered this day in 1981, and, no, it's not television, but it inspired multiple TV series, it was huge, and we love it!

10) Hour Magazine: I watched an episode of this Gary Collins afternoon newsmagazine program recently, and I can't really explain why, but I love that stuff like this is on YouTube:

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