Saturday, June 11, 2022

YouTube Spotlight: My Favorite Martians: The Animated Series (1973)

We started our My Favorite Martins playlist this week with the intro from an unusual cartoon: 1973's My Favorite Martians:

This Filmation series ran Saturday mornings in Fall 1973 for 16 total episodes but continued in reruns through Summer 1975.. It was an adaptation of the 1960s CBS sitcom with Ray Walston and Bill Bixby. The animated version paired Lost in Space's Jonathan Harris with Filmation stalwart Howard Morris.

The cartoon kicked up the zaniness by adding a second Martian in Martin's nephew, plus a pet dog named Oakie Doakie and a chimp sidekick for the detective investigating them. That Filmation look, the voice talent, and the fact that Martin and nephew Andromeda (Andy) wield guitars give this a very Archies kind of feel!

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