Thursday, January 12, 2023

2023 Predictions

What do we have to look forward to apart from the return of the podcast for Season 11? Here are some educated guesses. Don't worry, I am not gonna start this off with a cheesy comment about the podcast being better than ever and the listeners being more appreciated than before. 

I'll save that for the end.

*Amazon will continue to add shows from the Fox library now owned by Disney, shows that haven't been doing much anywhere else. 

OK, you want names? Here are 3: The Fall Guy, Mr. Belvedere, Trapper John M.D.

*Meanwhile, Warner Brothers shows that were on Prime will show up on Tubi.

OK, you want names? Here are 5 series that were all on Prime Video for short periods of times, then disappeared and didn't turn up elsewhere:

CHiPs, Alice, Kung Fu, The Dukes of Hazard, Dynasty.

I confess, the last one is a Fox show, but since Fox owns Tubi, all the more reason to include it!

I'll go ahead and say 3 of those 5 will end up on Tubi in 2023.

*Prime Video will add two Warners shows of its own--Eight Is Enough and Welcome Back, Kotter--to its FreeVee lineup.

*Disney Plus will do very little for "us" in 2023, but it will do one awesome thing by adding the Japanese Supaidaman for the series' 45th anniversary.

*Hulu will continue to sit out the "classic TV" game for the most part, keeping what it already has but not adding much of note.

*Glenn Gordon Caron will excite fans again with a Moonlighting tease, only to clarify that the show's streaming debut is "closer than ever!"

*The Night Court revival on NBC will not be successful, and it will do little to bring positive attention to the original series.

*People will spend most of 2023 fearing, not looking forward to, the Paramout Plus reboot of Frasier.

*2023 will be the year Quincy finally returns to streaming, but not on Peacock. UniversalComcastNBC will license it to Tubi.

*Crackle will continue to lose and re-add many of its Sony library shows several times a year.

*MPI will delight fans by finishing the DVD releases of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet...

...and then aggravate them by announcing a complete series with extras like episodes from the 1973 Ozzie's Girls.

*Warner Archive will not release any "new" live-action releases in 2023 but will sneak in an animated series that hasn't yet been on home video.

*The podcast will make its triumphant return for Season 11 and will find new ways to give our listeners voices.

*I will find a way to revitalize the Fame Game after Mike humbled it in 2022!

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