Sunday, January 22, 2023

Top Ten #213

1) The Battys: We don't mean to make our show a competition with other competition shows, but I think that our listenership once again beat the Globes when you factor in out-of-home listening like bars, lemonade stands, lean-tos, taxicabs, Arnold's Drive-In, and the astral plane.

2) Night Court: In a recent 2023 predictions post, I indicated the revival of the series would not do well. The two-episode premiere Tuesday night did very well, and it may be a legit hit for NBC and may indeed rekindle interest in the original. So I may have been off when I made that prediction...but I'm feeling much better now.

3) The Bob Newhart Show: Hi, Bob! Half the series is now on Prime Video.

4) The Fall Guy: How apt that this show also steps onto Prime this week! Of course, both shows were linked beginning in the Seventies for airing on the same night and offering sophisticated "smart" television comedy that endures--Wait, being told that was The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

5) Olivia D'Abo: Happy birthday to Kevin Arnold's groovy (if not always rational) older sis.

6) Sally Field: She will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild next month.

7) The Family Tree: This sort-lived NBC drama about a blended family debuted 40 years ago tonight on NBC. It tanked despite a cast that included Anne Archer, Frank Converse, Joanna Cassidy, Melora Hardin, and a young James Spader!

8) NFC Championship: Also 40 years ago today, the Washington Redskins played the Dallas Cowboys on CBS for the conference championship. Highlights are below, but the NFL put the whole game on YouTube a few years ago as well.

9) Crazy Like a Fox: Decades runs a marathon of the series this weekend, and you may want to set your DVR because while Crackle streams it, it only has the first 24 episodes (and calls it all "season 1" even though it has some of the first and second seasons).

10) National Polka Dot Day: He supposedly hated this gimmick, but I can't resist. RIP Dusty Rhodes:

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