Sunday, January 29, 2023

Top Ten #214

1) Columbo: The classic detective show (and BOTNS fave) got a lot of props this week as Rian Johnson's acclaimed new Peacock series Poker Face was proud about acknowledging the influence of its predecessor. Star Natasha Lyonne has more than a hint of Columbo in her performance, too. I think removing an eye for the role was a bit too "Method," though.

2) Judd Hirsch: Congrats for the Oscar nomination! Can he add an Academy Award to go on the shelf next to his Batty (Biggest Exasperation in Season 3)?

Also, is anyone else thinking that if he wins, Tony Clifton will interrupt his speech?

3) Lynda Day-George: She's the cover girl on the new RetroFan I got this week, and respect to a mag that puts 2023 LDG, not 1973 LDG, on its cover.

4) Michael J Fox: The subject of a new documentary that premiered at Sundance. I can't confirm that it is designed to commemorate the 40th anniversary of High School USA.

5) 1983 Golden Globes: Among the awards given out 40 years ago tonight (though the show was taped several nights earlier): Best New Male Actor to that young ingenue Ben Kingsley!

6) National Corn Chip Day: What better way to enjoy some football today than with a bag of unhealthy salty snacks?

7) Dick Clark Productions: Penske Media, which somehow owns every trade publication in Hollywood now, bought DCP this week, and I swear I thought that happened several years ago. Am I the victim of a wacky practical joke?

8) Bob Hope's All-Star Super Bowl Party: 40 years ago tonight, NBC aired this special, in which Bob got us ready for the Big Game with the likes of Audrey Landers, Don Rickles, and...

9) Ann Jillian: Happy birthday to another of the stars of that Hope special!

10) R.I.P. Lance Kerwin, Billy Packer, Lloyd Morrisett:

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