Thursday, February 23, 2023

Season 11 "Choose the Show" Polls are here!

Hey, everyone! Preparations are underway for Season 11 of Battle of the Network Shows, and we have some great stuff lined up! There will be a lot of listener involvement because we have several requests on the slate. However, while most of our schedule is set, we have two slots open, and we want you to choose the shows that go in there!

Please consider the two categories below, and you can vote in the comments here, by emailing us at, or by being a part of our Facebook group, where these polls will be pinned for the duration of voting.

First, we have what we are calling our infotainment episode! We have 3 1980s first-run syndicaton programs up for vote here. Which one should we cover on the podcast this season?

*Entertaiment Tonight/Entertainment This Week
*Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
*Star Search

Next up is our variety show episode! 3 popular 1970s programs are for your consideration. Which one should we discuss in Season 11?

*Captain and Tennille
*Donny and Marie
*Sonny and Cher

Thanks for voting!

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