Sunday, February 12, 2023

Top Ten #216: Special 'The Big Game" Edition

1) Eight Is Enough: Yes, this gets the top spot, not the eighth, because it is one of the many new Warner Brothers shows on Tubi. The free ad-supported streamer now offers Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Spenser for Hire, and other shows that were in streaming limbo since the demise of Warner Archive Instant or on streaming but only for a short time. As long as this influx of programming doesn't lead to an increase in commercials, this is great, great news since HBO Max clearly had no interest in this stuff even before Discovery took over.

2) Super Bowl: And now the second-biggest TV event of the weekend. It's the day of the Big Game, and everyone in the country is either gonna watch the game or brag about not watching it. I have no rooting interest, and I will skip the halftime show, but I'll be there.

3) Pizza: Some things just go together: Football and and and PIZZA!

4) Joanna Kerns: Happy birthday to the star of Growing Pains and so much more!

5) Diff'rent Strokes: 40 years ago tonight, the thrilling yet apalling second part of "Bicycle Man" premiered, and Conrad Bain even recorded a new intro!

6) Tenafly: 50 years ago tonight, this short-lived NBC Mystery Wheel program debuted. It sounds like an intriguing show, but it only lasted 6 episodes.

7) Los Angeles Super Drill Team: I introduce to you the stars of the 1983 Super Bowl Halftime Show!

8) Brothers and Sisters: This is one of the programs that premiered after the Super Bowl and flopped. It's also one of the post-Animal House wave of campus-coms.

9) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Sure, he could be a bit of a jerk back in the day, but it was MY era, and he was MY jerk!

10) R.I.P. Charles Kimborough, Melinda Dillon, Burt Bacharach:

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