Sunday, February 26, 2023

Top Ten #218

1) Variety shows and first-run syndication shows! If you haven't voted yet in our Choose the Show Season 11 polls, please do so! You can see this post if you aren't a member of our official Facebook group.

A clip from one of the choices (not meant as an endorsement):

2) The People's Court: It had quite a run, but the show was canceled this week. It's not I wish the Wapner episodes of the Eighties were available somewhere.

3) The Cheap ShowCheck out this odd parody game show that aired in first-run syndication in 1978. Hosted by Dick Martin, the program is loaded with ideas, and it's often funny, but I wonder if this would be better as a weekly and not daily game show.

4) Wizards and Warriors: 40 years ago tonight, the show premiered on CBS. It was on the late and lamented Warner Archive Instant. The series added Jeff Conaway to the list of sword-and-sorcery legends.

5) Jackie Gleason: Born this day in 1916, and The Great One's lone Tonight Show spot was uploaded this week.

6) Bob Fishman: The longtime CBS sports director was honoted by the DGA. Among the moments he helped create:

7) Bill Duke: Happy 80th birthday! It's pretty cool that he directed 10 episodes of Knots Landing.

8) The Stranger (1973): Pilot film that didn't take off, starring Glenn Corbett, Steve Franken, and Cameron Mitchell. It premiered 50 years ago tonight.

9) National Tell a Fairy Tale Day:

10) R.I.P.: Barbara Bosson, Richard Belzer:

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