Sunday, February 5, 2023

Top Ten #215

1) Diff'rent Strokes: One of the most memorable episodes in 1980s sitcom history aired 40 years ago tonight on NBC. I will only say two words: Bicycle Man. 

(It's a two-parter, so you might see this again in next week's list!)

2) Alice: The great YT account JaguarGator9 did an entire video with (mock?) outrage about a broadcast controversy on the night of the 1978 NFC Championship. You see, this horrible breach of trust, one that shook the nation to its core, happened when CBS and announcer Pat Summerall lied about showing Alice after the game.  Man, the late Seventies really were hell on Earth sometimes, weren't they?

3) National Weatherperson's Day: When was the last time you hugged a weatherman...or at least didn't throw a soda at him (I say "him" because who would toss a soft drink at a weatherwoman)?

4) John Schuck: Robert Pine Genius Award winner Schuck is the guest on this week's rerun of the Amazing Colossal Podcast (The show is maintaining its feed with archival episodes after Gilbert Gottfried's death).

5) The Main Event: 35 years ago tonight, pro wrestling returned to prime time network TV with a shocking result:

6) The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: This is one of the precious few "new to streaming" shows I spotted for February, making its debut on Peacock a short time (I think) after popping up again on

7) Schoolhouse Rock: ABC celebrated the series' 50th anniversary with a singalong TV special this week!

8) Showtime: As we process the news that the cable network is going to be folded into Paramount Plus after 45 years as a standalone, we remember all the great programming it brought us in the 1980s, like recent Batty winner It's Garry Shandling's Show...



Give us a few minutes, OK?

9) Turn-On: This notorious flop premiered tonight in 1969--just outside our time frame, yes, but notable for airing one time and being canceled right away. The George Schlatter sketch comedy show, according to some reports, was technically canceled in the middle of the episode.

10) R.I.P. Cindy Williams, Lisa Loring, Lanny Poffo, Kenny "Sodbuster" Jay:

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