Sunday, February 19, 2023

Top Ten #217: Special "Hey, *I* gotta work tomorrow" Edition

1) Ant Man: But did SNL have the definitive take on the character 45 or so years ago?

2) Mama's Family: 40 years ago tonight, Mama and her family appeared on a game show, and it wasn't Jeopardy!

Apparently, Mama herself was also on Jeopardy:

3) Dick Van Dyke: The 97-year-old legend made a surprise appearance on prime-time broadcast TV this week (I am trying not to spoil the whole thing), and I think everyone was just glad to see him. Not sure if he got in a plug for fire safety.

4) Valentine's Day: We hope you all enjoyed the holiday and that you love something or someone (and something loves you) as much as we love Lockwood on Search:

5) Family Circus: The Keaneverse began this day in 1960 when the strip first appeared in newspapers.

6) Dean Butler: The former Almanzo gave an interesting interview to Tim Millard for The Extras podcast. Butler is proud of and loves talking about Little House on the Prairie, but I believe he said he never saw a full episode, partly because at one point it was on against Monday Night Football.

7) Justine Bateman: Happy birthday!

8) Bill Kirchenbauer: Happy birthday to the man many know as the coach/dad from Just the Ten of Us but who was also in tons of other era television.

9) Lorimar Productions: Thinking about the studio (since absorbed by Warner Brothers) given the new book Unscripted with its tales of ex-leader Les Moonves and, in happier news, the debut of Eight Is Enough on Tubi.

10) R.I.P. Jerry Jarrett, Stella Stevens, Tim McCarver, Raquel Welch: 

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